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Attributions (Nobody’s Perfect)



Everyone has their ideal soulmate. Here’s mine:

– Talkative

I love a female who can talk for days on end. If a female is able to talk about whatever is on her mind, be it the weather, politics, food, furniture, ANYTHING, it’s definitely a turn on.

– Intelligent

Intelligence doesn’t mean you have to be school-educated, sometimes school is not for everyone, but I would like to see some sort of knowledge beneath your exterior.

– Hygienic

Nothing is more unattractive than a female who reeks of B.O. Brush & shower please.

– Fashionable

This can be open for interpretation. I just want a female who is presentable. Doesn’t mean she has to cop the latest bag design from LV, or buy some $300 shoes. I want a female who feels comfortable in what she’s wearing, not a girl who replicates what she sees in a magazine or blog. Simple and plain always suffice.

– Family Oriented

I know we’re way too young to be thinking about familial matters, but one day we all want to raise a family of our own. A woman that appreciates the value of family time, is wifey material in my book.

– Forgiveness

I’ve done my fair share of unethical practices and hell-bound sins when it came to relationships. I want a female who learns to accept and forgive and I’ll do the same. I don’t want my past to be the core of our arguments. The past is the past, I want to focus on the present and the future.

– Above & Beyond

A woman who will go the extra mile just to see their significant other smile. Acts like massaging me when I don’t even ask or doing homework with me. Simple acts like that will always be more significant than the typical materialistic gift.

– Acceptance

We can never control what is beyond our reach. I want a woman who will accept and love me, no  matter how drastic our ever changing environment might be. Acceptance has no bounds.

– Trust

Takes considerable amount of time to develop, yet seconds to destroy. Guys have friends that are girls, girls have friends that are guys. As long as we’re on common ground and we fully invest our faith in one another, I will never question you.

– Space

Space is very essential in a relationship. I don’t believe in the ideology that couples must text each other on a day to day basis, because frankly, texting one another everyday gets dull and repetitive. BUT, I will always appreciate a phone call. Emotions are translated way better through a phone as opposed to a text.

– Deviating Away From The Common Practices Of Relationships

There are always those cliche practices in relationships. Let’s be a little different and set relationship trends 🙂

– Friendly

I have a wide spectrum of friends. Some are nerdy as fuck, some are cool as fuck, some are weird as fuck. My friends are not a reflection of who I am, but rather who I enjoy being around with. I want a woman who will interact with my friends no matter the walk of life.

– Heart & Mind > Cash & Income

I think I hate gold diggers as much as the next guy. Who wants to be with a woman who’s more concerned about when she’s going to be spoiled with the next handbag. I want a woman who isn’t materialistic. I will be financially stable one day but I don’t want my cash to dictate our relationship.

– Yourself

Be who you are. Don’t put up a front that might make me like you. Of course, the initial meets are nerve-wrecking and you might have to manipulate the way you act to get a better sense of who I am, but eventually I want to indulge in your entirety.

– Honesty

Be honest at all times. I will never get mad over minuscule things, so just be straightforward.

– Nonchalant

A woman who is laid back is super attractive.

– Mono Y Mono

A relationship is between two people. Meet me halfway and I promise I’ll be there.


Above all, a woman who will just love me for who I am and I’ll do the same.

*There are so many other qualities I seek in a woman LOL, but I doubt there will ever be a woman who will fulfill all these traits. Even if she completes like 5 of these, I’d be happy. Hence, nobody’s perfect. 


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