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One of those nights



One of those nights where you ask yourself.. where are you going in life? My motivation has hit rock bottom and I’m seriously lacking the will to do my best in school. Have I even progressed from 2 years ago? I know success does not happen over night. It’s a delicate process. BABY STEPS. MAKE EACH DAY COUNT. NO MATTER WHAT, JUST KEEP PROGRESSING. I keep getting caught up in bullshit. Obstacles that I choose to not overcome. I just stare at it and let it bring me down. I know what distracts me, yet I’m not implementing any actions to keep me away from distractions. There was this one night where I was contemplating if I should just be forced into isolation and just try to figure out myself…cause staying here is definitely not helping me progress. Idk what I want..and I really need help. Please God, if you can just give me some sort of sign…ANYTHING. I don’t have the willpower to transcend from this lackluster life of mine. I NEED TO BE BETTER IN LIFE. Idk what to do…I’m lost…


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