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Sacramento State Situated.



Dorm life is not shabby.

Prior to moving in my dorm, I had this negative connotation about living with a stranger in an unknown environment and moving away from my family. The fact that I wasn’t going to have a mom or dad to guide me in case I was lost. The fact that my mother was going to temporarily live without me. The fact that I was going to be moving away from my friends. The Bay Area food that I was going to miss out. The weather, the atmosphere, the air… All these thoughts and more were constantly circulating in my mind. Wanting so badly to delay this as much as I can. The wishful thinking that time would slow down just for my sake. Hoping that an omnipotent force was going to descend upon our world and prevent this from happening. I was mentally and physically unprepared. But I couldn’t avoid the inevitable and as much as I dreaded it, I ultimately wanted to grow. 

And you know what, I’m glad I took that leap of faith. Despite the temptations and the sinful desires that are derived from college, Sac State has disciplined me and shaped me into a more responsible individual. This feeling that I’m having is like in proportion to a mother successfully teaching her child how to ride a bike, where I’m the child and Sac State is the mother. It’s an invigorating feeling and like a transcendence to new life and opportunities. It also turns out my roommate is a pretty chillass person. We both have ADHD and in a sense, it’s like… soothing. Like there’s a mutual understanding and mutual reciprocation. We don’t talk too much but we find comfort in silence and I think that’s the ultimate testament to being comfortable around people. So far I love all my professors at Sac State. They’re enthusiastic, willing to teach, sympathetic, it’s nothing I’ve experienced in community college. The people here are friendly and informative. It’s simply…for a lack of betters…wonderful. I’m hoping to leave a legacy here and do more than just attend classes and do homework because I know I’m Made To Be Greater.


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